Why You Need to Archive Your Email Campaigns On Your Website

You should never launch and email marketing campaign unless you have great content which is actually of some value to your subscribers. Despite the importance of this marketing rule, most email marketers put together sloppy campaigns without much effort at all. Why? Partly because they don’t like the idea of spending hours on an email campaign only to have it disappear forever after being read.

Instead of letting the efforts of your email campaign go to waste so quickly, you should archive them at your website.

As you should know, content is king in the realm of internet marketing. Internet marketers typically invest the bulk of their resources into producing new, original content which the search engines can pick up and bring new leads to the site. By archiving your emails from campaigns on your website, you are automatically giving your website more content for the search engines to digest and, thus, increasingly your rankings.

There are a few potent ways of making email campaign archives work even better for your favor. Foremost, you should always include a link at the start of your email campaign saying something like, “click here to read this email at our website” or “read the full version at our website.” When you do this, then you are immediately offering subscribers an easy way of getting to your site. Once they are at your site, they are more likely to find out more about you or perform the action you want of them. Either way, you are winning.

You may have noticed that many email service providers (like Yahoo) will insert links on certain words in emails. These links are not put there by the sender. If a reader clicks on the link, then they are taken to some external site where Yahoo can get a big commission. The sender of the email gets NO amount of this commission! This is a particular problem for email marketing campaigns because readers will often assume that you put the link in the email. By directing them to some random third-party site, then your brand name can lose credibility. Plus, Yahoo or whatever email provider is basically making big money off of your efforts.

Instead of letting Yahoo profit from your efforts, you should encourage readers to read the full email at your website. At your website, you can control the links included and get a commission if anyone clicks on them.

For people who have exclusive types of email campaigns, such as those with special discounts or promotions for recipients only, you can still archive your emails. For example, you can put an area in your website about “past promotions.” When the deal offered in an email campaign expires, then archive it. When visitors see all of those great past deals offered to subscribers only, they are more likely to opt in for the deals too.