Video Email Marketing 101

One of the major problems with email marketing is that people simply don’t like to read online. With all the information in cyber space, it is so easy for leads to get distracted and never make it past the first few sentences of your email campaign. This reason is why video email marketing is so effective. In just a few seconds, a video can say more than several pages of an email would ever get across. Here are some tips to incorporate videos into your email marketing campaign.

Take it Slow
Don’t rush into video email marketing just because you have heard about how powerful it is for getting leads. You will need to make a few simple videos and then run tests with them to see which ones are getting you the best results. Once you have this info, you will be able to invest more resources into making a stellar video for your subscribers.

Keep Videos Short
The same rules that apply to email marketing also apply when you incorporate videos. No one wants to spend hours (or even minutes) with a marketing email. So make sure that your videos are to the point and don’t ramble on with useless facts or information.

Be Creative
Even if you don’t think that your niche is video-friendly, you are probably wrong. With a bit of creativity, you can easily make a video for any product, service, or action. For example, if you run a nonprofit which collects donations for clean air, show a video of what happens when you inhale lots of smog. If you run an online clothing store, put up a fun PowerPoint-style video of before-and-after makeover shots. Video email marketing is still very new so you are going to have to rely on a lot of your own imaginative powers to make the most of this medium.

Don’t forget about the rest of the email
If you just have a video in your email, it is likely to get caught by the spam filters which will think you are trying to trick them. Further, your video email campaign still has to comply with CAN-SPAM Act regulations which require that you put your mailing address and an unsubscribe button. Plus, some people won’t want to watch a video so you should have a text version available to these people.

Make a Separate Opt-In List for Videos
When your subscribers first opt in, have them select whether they would rather receive video emails or text emails. This will make it much easier to target effectively and analyze your results.