Why You Need to Archive Your Email Campaigns On Your Website

You should never launch and email marketing campaign unless you have great content which is actually of some value to your subscribers. Despite the importance of this marketing rule, most email marketers put together sloppy campaigns without much effort at all. Why? Partly because they don’t like the idea of spending hours on an email campaign only to have it disappear forever after being read.

Instead of letting the efforts of your email campaign go to waste so quickly, you should archive them at your website.

As you should know, content is king in the realm of internet marketing. Internet marketers typically invest the bulk of their resources into producing new, original content which the search engines can pick up and bring new leads to the site. By archiving your emails from campaigns on your website, you are automatically giving your website more content for the search engines to digest and, thus, increasingly your rankings.

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Targeting and Testing Email Marketing Campaigns 101

Compared to most internet marketing tactics, email marketing is incredibly personal. Your goal isn’t just to get on the top of the search engines because you know most people don’t click to the second page. Rather, you want to connect with your leads directly so they will consciously choose to use your services, buy something, take part in an action, etc.

Even though email marketing is so personal, a lot of marketers go about it the same impersonal way as other internet marketing methods. If you do this and just send out a bulk email to all prospective leads, then you are going to have a very low success rate. Instead, you need to target and test.

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Video Email Marketing 101

One of the major problems with email marketing is that people simply don’t like to read online. With all the information in cyber space, it is so easy for leads to get distracted and never make it past the first few sentences of your email campaign. This reason is why video email marketing is so effective. In just a few seconds, a video can say more than several pages of an email would ever get across. Here are some tips to incorporate videos into your email marketing campaign.

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How to Make Email Marketing Automation Work for You

Just about all aspects of internet marketing can be automated – and this also includes email marketing. However, one of the biggest mistakes that people make is relying too much on automation features instead of putting in the manual effort. But relying on just manual effort alone for your email marketing campaign is too time consuming for the benefits. A successful email marketing campaign will be able to combine automation with the needed manual efforts to get the best results.

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