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Business owners round the world have flocked to social media to extend conversions and build great client experiences. Once you check out the statistics, it’s not hard to figure out why. On Facebook alone, 78 % of adults with Facebook accounts living in the U.S.A. purchased a product they found on the social media large. Part of increasing your conversion rate involves building awareness together with your sales funnel. A primary goal of social media promoting is to make potential customers aware that you exist.

Nowadays, it is absolutely necessary to use social media marketing, as it helps you to attain a wide range of people all over the world. Through the social media, you can connect with any your customer from any part of the world by using Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or any other platform. You will get yourself pretty massive traffic to your website by reaching the people on these social platforms.

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Racy, raunchy and dangerous: NZ ‘tourism’ Instagram account removed.

Tourism New Zealand has been unwittingly linked to inappropriate photos posted on an Instagram account which seems to be affiliated with the organization – however isn’t.

The account, which uses the handle @tourism_nz, contains thousands of photos – some stunning, some saucy and some completely bizarre.
However, the account was removed this week after the Weekend Herald emailed questions to @tourism_nz regarding the photographs.

Facebook which owns Instagram confirmed it didn’t remove the account despite tourism New Zealand asking for it to be removed in February last year.

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Email Marketing: Considerations for Newbies

If you are thinking about incorporating an email marketing campaign into your business, then you are making a wise choice. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective forms of internet marketing and also provides one of the best long-term, consistent sources of leads. Once you build up a great email marketing list and learn how to target effectively, then you hardly have to put in any effort to your campaign anymore. Of course, it does take some time, effort and a lot of trial and error before you get there – but it pays off.

While email marketing may seem really simple, it is actually one of the methods of internet marketing which requires the most finesse. First, you have to figure out a way to get people onto your email list who you actually want to be there (your target demographic). Then you have to figure out a way to get them to open their emails, read your spiel, and perform the action you want of them. It doesn’t stop here either: you need them to do this on a regular basis without ever deciding to click that infamous “opt-out” button.

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Combining Your Social Media and Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is so effective because virtually all adults in the western world use email on a regular basis. Because of the rise in popularity of social networking, social media marketing is also becoming increasingly effective. According to one study, 7% of internet marketers have already seen a significant increase in rate of return for social media marketing and they plan to invest more in it.

Since email and social media are so popular, why not combine them together to get a stellar marketing campaign?

There are two reasons why email marketing and social media marketing work so well together, especially when compared to any other combinations of internet marketing tactics. First of all, social media makes it incredibly easy to build up targeted opt-in lists of subscribers. Secondly, the combination of email and social media helps you develop a valuable relationship with your subscribers.

Here are some tips to make an effective email marketing and social media marketing campaign.

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Email Marketing: How Many Emails is Too Much?

Figuring out how often to send out emails as part of your email marketing campaign is very tricky. If you send out too many emails, then you will annoy your subscribers and they will opt out. But if you don’t send out enough, your subscribers will forget who you are and you lose out on potential leads.

There is no set amount of emails in email marketing which push the limits into annoying. Some companies have incredibly effective email marketing campaigns where they send out daily emails without many subscribers opting out. Others are sending out just monthly emails and getting most of their subscribers to drop out quickly.

Obviously, it isn’t just the number of emails which matters to your email marketing campaign; the content of your emails and demographics are also incredibly important. In order to figure out how many emails is most effective to get you leads without opt outs, you need to consider all of these factors together.

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Don’t Make these Newbie Email Marketing Mistakes!

Email marketing is an incredibly powerful tool in the right hands. Unfortunately, email marketing has gotten a bit of a bad reputation because of the numerous businesses who just don’t know how to manage it correctly and aren’t getting results. If you go about your email marketing campaign wrong, you can even hurt your business by destroying your good reputation and annoying leads. Before you begin your email marketing campaign, make sure that you know these common email marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

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How to get followers on Instagram

With almost all the dynamic kids, teens and sometimes even parents and pre-teens signing up for Instagram, this app is an excellent place to focus on your sect of audience effectively. One major advantage on Instagram is that it’s a no-nonsense app, with no extended paragraphs and write-ups. It gets as simple as surfing through a plethora of photos and liking them by double tapping on them. The more likes and the followers one gets, the more popular the account becomes – It’s a perpetual cycle. With everything becoming digitized nowadays, Instagram, if used properly is the best promoting tool.

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Avoiding Spam Filters for Your Email Marketing Campaign

Even if you collect only opt-in emails for your campaign, about 10-20% of your emails are going to get filtered as spam. Luckily, it is easy to overcome this frustrating aspect of email marketing.

What is Spam?
Technically, spam is any email sent out to a bulk list of recipients who did not ask for it. If you buy an email list and send out bulk emails to the addresses, then you are spamming. Under the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, businesses are allowed to send out bulk emails but there are some restrictions. If you violate the law, you could be fined $11,000 for each offense – meaning every name that received the spam! You should familiarize yourself with the CAN-SPAM Act but here are the key points you should know:
• You must include an unsubscribe button which remains working for a minimum of 30 days after the email is sent
• You cannot deceive recipients in the email, its headers, or any other aspects of it
• You must remove anyone who unsubscribes within 10 business days
• Your physical mail address must be included in the email

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Why You Need to Archive Your Email Campaigns On Your Website

You should never launch and email marketing campaign unless you have great content which is actually of some value to your subscribers. Despite the importance of this marketing rule, most email marketers put together sloppy campaigns without much effort at all. Why? Partly because they don’t like the idea of spending hours on an email campaign only to have it disappear forever after being read.

Instead of letting the efforts of your email campaign go to waste so quickly, you should archive them at your website.

As you should know, content is king in the realm of internet marketing. Internet marketers typically invest the bulk of their resources into producing new, original content which the search engines can pick up and bring new leads to the site. By archiving your emails from campaigns on your website, you are automatically giving your website more content for the search engines to digest and, thus, increasingly your rankings.

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Targeting and Testing Email Marketing Campaigns 101

Compared to most internet marketing tactics, email marketing is incredibly personal. Your goal isn’t just to get on the top of the search engines because you know most people don’t click to the second page. Rather, you want to connect with your leads directly so they will consciously choose to use your services, buy something, take part in an action, etc.

Even though email marketing is so personal, a lot of marketers go about it the same impersonal way as other internet marketing methods. If you do this and just send out a bulk email to all prospective leads, then you are going to have a very low success rate. Instead, you need to target and test.

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