How to Make Email Marketing Automation Work for You

Just about all aspects of internet marketing can be automated – and this also includes email marketing. However, one of the biggest mistakes that people make is relying too much on automation features instead of putting in the manual effort. But relying on just manual effort alone for your email marketing campaign is too time consuming for the benefits. A successful email marketing campaign will be able to combine automation with the needed manual efforts to get the best results.

Understand what you are automating
With some email marketing services, you can literally just coast by on autopilot – from collecting new subscribers, dividing them into target groups, and sending automated responses. While this seems great, you run the risk of isolating your subscribers because they get sick of dealing with robots. Always keep in mind that email marketing is supposed to be about building a relationship with your subscribers – something that cannot be done with a robot.

Before you automate any part of your email marketing campaign, you first must learn how to do it manually. Why? Because you can’t automate a process which you do not understand how to do yourself. If a problem occurs, like your subscribers start dropping out like flies, you will have no idea of how to fix it. Further, if you do not know how to do something yourself manually, you will not be able to expand on the tactic creatively.

All internet marketing campaigns ultimately come down to creativity. With all the competition on the web, even the best marketing tools won’t make you stand out from the countless others offering what you have. Yes, it is possible to get creative with your email marketing automation tools – even if it is something simple like writing in a witty autoresponder rather than the one which your service automatically would pick for you.

The best email marketing service providers will let you take complete control of all the tools that they have to offer including putting them on semi-autopilot. For example, you should be able to set your own parameters in the opt in forms which automatically pop up at certain points on your site. You should definitely be able to manage your own subscribers but you will want the automation email marketing tools to send out emails to the right group.

When choosing an email marketing services provider, make sure that they have great customer support. You may not think that you will need it but this is the feature which really sets own company up against another. With customer support behind you, you will have resources to implement creative email marketing tactics and manipulate all the tools available to your advantage.