Don’t Make these Newbie Email Marketing Mistakes!

Email marketing is an incredibly powerful tool in the right hands. Unfortunately, email marketing has gotten a bit of a bad reputation because of the numerous businesses who just don’t know how to manage it correctly and aren’t getting results. If you go about your email marketing campaign wrong, you can even hurt your business by destroying your good reputation and annoying leads. Before you begin your email marketing campaign, make sure that you know these common email marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

Email Marketing Mistake 1: Buying Your Email List
It is tempting to buy an email list, especially when the seller promises that it is targeted and all the subscribers opted in. But think logically: what do you do when you get an email from someone you do not know? You put it in your spam folder. This is what is going to happen if you buy an email list. If you still want to buy an email list, then it should be from a company which will send your emails out for you through their name. This is the only legitimate way of buying email lists because the recipients will be getting emails from a sender they recognize and opted into.

Email Marketing Mistake 2: Annoying or Bland Content
If you don’t have thrilling content for your email marketing campaign, then you shouldn’t be sending it out! Keep in mind that email marketing is very different than other forms of internet marketing. You don’t have to try to get a bunch of keywords onto the page or fill up a lot of content. Your email can be just a few sentences long if that is all you have to say. Make sure though that you are spending the time to make it look professional, spell checking, and including some nice graphics. There are cheap email marketing services which give you templates for this, like AWeber.

When making your email marketing content, also watch out for annoyance factors. When you start writing in all capitals or using too many calls to action, you look terrible and will also catch the attention of spam filters.

Email Marketing Mistake 3: Spamming
If you do not have permission from your email list recipients, then do not send them an email! This is spamming and – even if it is technically legal in many places – it is annoying and will destroy your reputation as a business. Spamming is an easy way to put off your leads.

Email Marketing Mistake 4: Not Using Analytics
You probably spend a lot of time analyzing the success of other aspects of your internet marketing campaign. But, because email marketing is basically free, many people forget to analyze their campaign results. You may not realize that your email marketing list of subscribers is rapidly dropping each time you send out a campaign and you aren’t getting any leads. Make sure that you are using a service which provides you with easy to understand campaign reports so you can make the most of email marketing