Combining Your Social Media and Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is so effective because virtually all adults in the western world use email on a regular basis. Because of the rise in popularity of social networking, social media marketing is also becoming increasingly effective. According to one study, 7% of internet marketers have already seen a significant increase in rate of return for social media marketing and they plan to invest more in it.

Since email and social media are so popular, why not combine them together to get a stellar marketing campaign?

There are two reasons why email marketing and social media marketing work so well together, especially when compared to any other combinations of internet marketing tactics. First of all, social media makes it incredibly easy to build up targeted opt-in lists of subscribers. Secondly, the combination of email and social media helps you develop a valuable relationship with your subscribers.

Here are some tips to make an effective email marketing and social media marketing campaign.

Put an Opt-In Form on Your Facebook Pages
Of the 800 million users found on Facebook, about half of them log in daily. What better place to put an opt-in form than Facebook? The top email marketing service providers like AWeber have already included features which make it easy for you to do this.

Share Your Emails on Social Media
There is no reason that you shouldn’t also share the information from your emails on your social media pages. This is a great way to get leads and share information. If you send out exclusive emails, such as a paid subscription to a newsletter, then you obviously won’t want to put up the email because then no one would pay for it anymore. However, you can still put up parts of your email as a “teaser”. People are much more likely to pay for a newsletter once they have an idea of what can be found inside.

Tell Email Subscribers to Follow You
Don’t forget to include that “Follow Us” button in your emails! Many subscribers may want to follow you on social media but don’t realize that you are active there. Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t tell them to follow all of your sites. Rather, reserve the “follow us” for your top sites which are getting updated regularly and have information which would interest the subscribers.

Initiate a Discussion
In your email marketing campaign, you can start a discussion which can be continued at your social media site. There are a lot of creative ways to get your email marketing subscribers involved, like addressing something risqué or giving the first few responses to a question. You can even make new content from the discussions that you initiate at your social media sites and then include this in your next email marketing campaign. When subscribers see how active others are in the discussion, they are more likely to join too.